What is Bunkasai?

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Meaning of Bunkasai

Bunkasai, also known as Japanese Cultural Festival or "文化祭" in Japanese word, is an annual event held by most schools in Japan at which the students display their everyday achievements. Many people usually visit the cultural festivals just for fun. Food is served, and dances and plays are performed by individual volunteers or clubs. Besides, Bunkasai is intended to enrich people’s lives by increasing social interaction. It is also the opportunity for students to see what life is like in other schools/universities.

Bunkasai organized by AniMaC of UCSI University

The Bunkasai held at UCSI is expected to be not only to promote Japanese Culture but also to promote other cultures as well as Malaysia was a country of cultural diversity. Although there is a mixture of culture diversity, the concept of the original Japanese Bunkasai was still preserved as we mainly promote Japanese culture to the society.

Our Aim
1.To create a friendly community between the society at Malaysia
2.To encourage relationship between universies and the public
3.To understand/promote and preserve Japanese culture.

The official LOGO of AniMaC Bunkasai 2009

The logo represents Sakura Blossoms that represents the Japanese culture and It has the same feature as the AniMaC's main logo. The logo was designed by Siew Hon and the logo was based on Kendrick's and Siew Hon's idea on the logo design.

The petals:
The 5 petals represent 5 different meanings, that was Anime (Pink), Manga(Red), Games(Yellow), Japanese Culture(Green), and Cosplay(Blue).

These colors represent unity and the center of the petal represent "To improve, spread, and to celebrate" as we promote this event to the everyone.

The Japanese word of "文化祭" was used to indicate the event and the "Bunkasai" was based on fantasy and dreams inspired from Final Fantasy.

The committee Members of AniMaC Bunkasai Night 2009

Event Advisors : Jeffrey Tee (North Wing), Aaron (South Wing)
Organizing Charmain : Andrew Foo
Assistant Organizing Charmain : Kendrick Ng
Secretary : Sue Teng
Treasurer : Boon Chin

The departments of the Event:
Publicity & Exhibition : Ching Wan Lih, Siew Hon
Performance & Deco : Gracia, Hui Hui
Booth Coordinator : Linxin, Kah Sing
Security & Location Coordinator. : Kenshiu, Tan Chee Hao


Bunkasai Photo Book~